About Us

     Peekay Rolling Mills (P) Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, accredited by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS): ISI License holder IS:1786-2008. Peekay has now adopted Tempcore technology under license from CRM Belgium for the production of TMT Re-bars.

Our Growth

     Founded in 1942 by the visionary Haji P.K. Moidu, ours is a story of unstinting dedication to quality. The strong foundation laid down by his extraordinary business acumen and uncompromising integrity has forged a company that remains committed to providing the consumer the very best. Over the past 65 years, the group has cherished these values and focused on new business objectives. New ventures in which it continues to set benchmarks. Today, the Peekay Group has a turnover of more than USD 120 million.
     We are proud to have access to Tempcore Technology under license from CRM Belgium. This allows us to create a superior product.

Our Advantages

    Optimum combination of high yield strength and excellent
    Enables designer to reduce steel consumption, and yet obtain
      extremely safe steel structure. 
    Excellent weldability. 
    Superior corrosion resistance. 
    No tendency of aging and embrittlement. 
    TMT bars can be heated up to 5000 C at room temperature without
      loss of strength.
    Uniform properties throughout the length, as the entire process is
      computer controlled. 
    Mill scales per unit of surface area less than 50% in normal hot
      rolled bars. 
    Excellent fatigue properties. 
    Can be galvanished with no loss of strength and ductility. 
    Saving in steel consumption as much as 18% while using Fe 500. 
    Best choice for earthquake resistant construction.